The Lockmasters legacy of invention spans almost a century, four generations, and nearly 100 patents for locks, locking devices, and security products including the Kaba Mas X0 Series.

For the past 30 years our R&D department has been supporting the government sector with security related items for specific USG customers along with supporting education. Today, LTI develops mechanical and electromechanical systems, as well as other unique products for tactical environments.

A brief timeline...

- John C. Miller, a machinist, worked for Diebold installing bank vaults.
Mid 1930s - John C. Miller, along with his two sons Harry & James, form Safemasters, a locksmith company that today is owned by Sargent & Greenleaf .
1940 - Harry Miller, worked for the state department opening safes around the world.
1940s - Harry Miller, forms the Harry C. Miller Co., which developed locks that will protect national secrets.
Early 1950s - Harry Miller becomes chairman and majority stockholder of Sargent& Greenleaf, a company to which he'd licensed locks. When the company fails to pay his royalties, he accepts stocks instead.
1954 - Miller and two partners founded Lockmasters, a correspondence school teaching the art of combination lock manipulation.
1974 - Sargent & Greenleaf move to Nicholasville from Rochester New York.
1976 - Harry Miller's son, Clay, becomes president of Sargent & Greenleaf.
1980 - Sargent & Greenleaf is sold.
1981 - Clay Miller buys Lockmasters from his father, who is now sole owner.
1982 - Lockmasters moves from Florida to Nicholasville, Ky.
1983 - Lockmasters starts a tool & equipment business.
Late 1980s - Clay Miller and partner, Mike Harvey, form C&M Technology and license a high-security, electronic safe lock to the company now
known as Kaba Mas.
1993 - Clay and Benson Miller found LockNet with Benson as President.
1997 - Clay Miller opens Lockmasters Education Center, which houses the Harry C. Miller Lock Collection.
1999 - Clay Miller splits the tools and education division into separate companies.
2000 - Clay Miller's son, Mark Miller, purchases, and becomes president of Lockmasters, Inc., the tool division company.
2000 - The education and R&D division becomes Lockmasters Security Institute(LSI).
2009 - Clay Miller acquires the A. J. Hoffman Collection. With the Harry C. Miller Collection. It becomes the Museum of Physical Security. One of the world's largest collections of timelocks, safe locks, padlocks, lcoking devices, safes and more. (constantly added to)
2012 - Qtactical is created. A division of Lockmasters Security Institute to create, and sell high end security devices.
2013 - Lockmasters Security Institute is sold to Clay's son Mark Miller and combined with Lockmasters Inc., to better serve the industry.
2013 - Lockmasters Technologies Incorporated (LTI) is born as a security engineering group to support Qtactical.

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For more historic examples visit the Museum of Physical Security at www. MillerMuseum.com