Our Group

Lockmasters Corporate Group is pleased to bring a vast selection of goods and services to the security industry. From a wide selection of tools for the lock, safe & vault professional at Lockmasters Inc. (LKM), to a more robust selection of tool customization with Lockmasters Technologies Incorporated (LTI), we've got you covered. For physical security training, Lockmasters Security Institute is in the forefront of education. For a combination of highly specialized tools and training, Qtactical is an all inclusive choice. For a look into the past of all things secure, the Museum of Physical Security has one of the largest collections of timelocks, safelocks, padlocks and locking devices in the world.

Corporate Affiliates

We'd be neglecting a parrallel part of our history if we didnt at lease give acknowledgement to Lockmasters related companies who've crossed paths in the history of our working.


And finally, entities sponsored by Lockmasters.
The Primate Rescue Center in Kentucky...
Miller / Garrison Racing, www.MillerGarrison.com